1. - 17. 5. 2015 Praha & Ostrava



The SIVEK HOTELS company provides accommodation for visitors of the 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship held in Prague and Ostrava...
The company has been active on the tourism market for almost 25 years, having built the largest Czech hotel chain. Currently, the company runs several hotels in Prague and its environs. SIVEK HOTELS is the leading company in the provision of accommodation for international sport events in the Czech Republic. more


The 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship will be held in Prague and Ostrava, where corresponding accommodation in several categories will be prepared. ...
The offer of accommodation in Prague is significantly wider than that in Ostrava. Transport between the two cities is provided by air, train and coach connection, with the maximum travelling time of 4 hours. Prague is the capital city and Ostrava the third largest city of the Czech Republic.more


Tournament matches will be drawn in time to allow the visitors to purchase tickets together with accommodation in either of the cities. We will bring information ...
from the matches and other ice hockey news, including looks behind the scenes. The Czech Republic has been an ice hockey power with numerous world-famous players, which is a guarantee of an excellent sport atmosphere, enthusiastic fans, and numerous curiosities and rarities related to ice hockey.more


The 2015 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship visitors will be offered travel packages including thematic trips throughout the Czech Republic as well as to neighbouring countries. ...
The Czech Republic offers any amount of historical monuments, including several UNESCO listed sites. The world-famous Czech beer is offered both in breweries and in traditional restaurants serving Czech as well as international cuisines. There are many bars, discos, and clubs providing night entertainment in both cities. more

Prague is beautiful,
even when the Ice-hockey World Championship is not held!

SIVEK HOTELS will accommodate you in the hotels on the best addresses throughout the year,
On-line reservations, no extra fees, best prices guaranteed!

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